I have a question about an item you're selling.

I have a very detailed listing description attached to each one of my items. If you're viewing the item on Etsy, you can scroll down until you see it. You might need to click on it to show the item details. That should answer most of your questions.

Can you do custom mock ups or help me select a color?

I used to love doing these things! However, I cannot supply every customer with a visual on how their decals will look, or what colors will work best. As much as I'd love to respond to these inquiries, there are too many for me to keep up with! :)

Do you take custom orders?

I do not take custom design requests. Unfortunately I am not able to fit custom requests into my current business model. I miss doing them!

Do you make personalized decals?

I'm sorry, I do not.

I need my order SOON! What do I do?

I am currently not offering to rush orders. Priority and Priority Express shipping options can be selected at checkout. Any time a customer purchases Priority Shipping, I do my best to make sure their order goes out quickly! However, I cannot guarantee your order will ship within a certain time frame. 


I need decals, a LOT of decals! What discounts do you offer?

I have a variety of discounts I offer! A bulk order is considered any order of 5+ decals that are all of the same design. I offer a percentage off of these orders, depending on how many you need. Bulk orders are only available for orders of 5+ of each item. Individual items do not qualify.
Wholesale pricing for 100+ decals is available as well! 


I'm having trouble applying my decal. What do I do?

Here is a link to video tutorials showing the application process. Let me know if you are still having issues after watching these clips.


I already placed an order, can I add onto it?

If you place a second order, and I have not shipped your first order, please contact me ASAP! I should be able to ship your orders together and refund any extra shipping charges. Many times I do not notice when a customer has multiple orders from me, so it's very important to contact me as soon as possible. 


Do you accept cancellations or returns?

Unfortunately I am not able to accept returns due to the large amount of sizes and colors I have available. Every item I sell is made to order, which means I am creating this decal just for you. Many times I will not sell that same design in the same color or size again for months or longer, so I cannot take returns. Exchanges may be allowed under certain circumstances.
I am happy to refund and cancel any orders I have not yet started on.


I'm local, can I save on shipping?

If you are located in or near Owosso, Michigan, I am happy to refund your shipping charges and have your item ready for local pickup. Orders can be grabbed from my front porch, which is under 24 hours surveillance. Contact me before ordering for more details!