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▼▲▼▲Materials and colors▼▲▼▲
-Printed on 3M Outdoor Vinyl with Eco-solvent Ink
-Laminated for UV and scratch protection

 ▼▲▼▲ Use and Application ▼▲▼▲
-Apply to any hard, non-porous surface, such as laptops, doors, windows, drinkware, Kitchen Aid mixers, Macbooks, Yeti tumblers, Ipads, etc. Decals will not stick to some surfaces, such as rubberized plastics, certain types of paint, and textures.
-Application instructions are included with every purchase.
-Video application instructions can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWMnLnicl1k&feature=youtu.be
▼▲▼▲ Durability ▼▲▼▲
 -This decal is waterproof. However, it should not be applied to areas that are exposed to lots of friction, oils and abrasives (like dirt and grime), as these conditions can cause peeling.-Examples of areas you may NOT want to apply your decal are as follows: phones (unless covered with a clear case, under windshield wipers, a cup that requires dishwashing (hand washing is recommended), or on a surface that will come directly in contact with food or drink (such as a plate or the inside of a cup).
▼▲▼▲ Sizing ▼▲▼▲
 -Size is measured by the longest side.
Size suggestions:
 -Tumbler or cup: 3-4 inches
 -Laptop: 3-6 inches
 -Car/truck/SUV: 5-18 inches
-These are only suggestions. Please measure your chosen surface before ordering to get the best fit.▼▲▼▲ Returns and Refunds ▼▲▼▲
 -Refunds cannot be given in situations where a decal will not stick to your chosen surface, is damaged during application, or starts to peel after application.